Baler machine attention problem

2019-01-24 15:41:45 Weifang Binhai Group Work Win Co., Ltd.

  The use of the baler in agriculture and animal husbandry solves the tedious work of people after harvesting, and can improve the efficiency of processing crops when used, but sometimes there are some bundles when using the wheat straw baler. This will greatly affect our work efficiency, and even lead to the wheat straw baler not working properly. So, what is the cause of the bundle of wheat straw balers? Let me briefly talk about the solution to the bales of wheat straw balers.

  Be careful to make the correct assembly. When using the wheat straw baler, we must pay attention to the correct installation. When a new machine is put into use, it will not be knotted or bundled, and most of the installation errors will occur during assembly. Since the wheat straw baler is a new machine, it is very likely that some assembly errors, counter-installation or negation of the wire will occur when we install it. The rope head is not attached to the machine, so it will appear when the bundle is tied. The phenomenon of loose bundles. Therefore, before we assemble, we must pay attention to carefully read the instructions and install them according to the drawings. This will greatly avoid human error during installation.

  The running-in phase of the new machine. In general, the new machine has been commissioned before leaving the factory. There are no errors during installation and no need for repeated adjustments, just because the knotter is a precise working part. In the process of production, some anti-rust paint will be sprayed, which will cause the knotter to become rough and stagnate during the work, so that the knot will be caught when the knot is knotted, causing the loose The phenomenon of bundled lanyards occurs. - This kind of situation only needs us to carry out continuous bundling for running-in to effectively solve this problem.

  Choose a standard cord. When using the wheat straw baler, we must pay attention to the selection of the standard wire rope. This is because the wheat straw baler has a very high stiffness and has certain strength requirements for the wire rope. When selecting the cord, pay attention to the choice of thickness and uniformity, otherwise it is very easy to have some problems when bundling. Therefore, we must choose to use the standard standard wire rope, so as to ensure that there will be no loosening when bundling. When using the wheat straw baler, it is also necessary to pay attention to the regular adjustment of the knotter, and regular adjustments can effectively solve the phenomenon of baling of the baler.


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