The benefits and work content of the baler.

2019-01-24 15:41:18 Weifang Binhai Group Work Win Co., Ltd.

  Autumn - straight has been the harvest season, when people harvest will always leave a large area of straw, and these straw must be disposed of in time after receiving the goods, otherwise it will affect the next season's crops in the farmland, but artificial The cost of harvesting is too high, and it is still too tired, so the straw baler plays a very big role at this time, then do you know the benefits of using the corn straw baler?

In the work, the baler is mainly subjected to mechanical actions such as picking, cutting, compacting and bundling. Finally, the straw is bundled into a bundle to realize the automation of the whole bead straw baling process. Its ultra-high performance is mainly: low price, high localization rate, high work efficiency and more convenient maintenance. The length and size of the bundle can be adjusted according to transportation and storage requirements during use.

  Each time the baler is in production, the components and lubricants of the equipment are added. Ensure that the equipment is operating normally. Always check that the gap between the gear and the material bin is in a normal state. Always check the conveyor belt of the equipment to check the tightness and adjust it in time to improve work efficiency. When the work is completed, the dust on the equipment and the dust and debris between the various parts should be cleaned and wiped to ensure normal production on the second day.

  The packing work of the corn straw baler is effective in packaging and recycling the straw crops. It is also a support for the strong recycling power of the baler. The corn straw baler is mainly based on the characteristics of the straw and is also packaged and effectively developed. jobs. For the corn stalk baler hydraulic cylinder, the stroke is longer, and the size after retracting is smaller. It is suitable for the occasion where the space for placing the hydraulic cylinder is limited and the stroke requirement is long. It is often found in construction machinery and transportation machinery. application.

  When the hydraulic cylinder of the baler drives the high-quality parts to make rapid reciprocating motion, since the moving parts of the baler have great kinetic energy, when the piston of the baler moves to the end of the hydraulic cylinder, it will collide with the end cover, resulting in Shock and noise. The mechanical impact of the corn straw baler not only damages the relevant part of the hydraulic cylinder, but also causes damage to other related machinery. In order to prevent this hazard and ensure safety, buffer measures should be taken to control the speed of the hydraulic cylinder.


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