What should I do if the baler encounters a fault?

2019-01-24 15:42:52 Weifang Binhai Group Work Win Co., Ltd.

  Whether it is planting crops in the south or in the north, although it is now produced by large machines, there are still a few farmers working. The balers are tools to help people bundle and pack crops, which reduces people’s cleanup. The work of the baler will inevitably lead to failures when working for a long time. If abnormal conditions are found, stop the work immediately, find out the cause, and then work after the fault is eliminated. In use, possible failures and troubleshooting methods are as follows:

1. The oil cylinder has a crawling phenomenon during work. Most of the reasons for this situation are the presence of air in the cylinder block and the system. The straw baler can be discharged after many work;

2. When the baler system has no action or no action, there is no pressure. At this time, you can check the overflow valve spool of the baler. In most cases, the overflow valve spool is stuck or the adjustment handle is loose. The overflow valve is cleaned. Or re-adjust the system pressure to solve the fault;

3. When there are leaks in the pipe and cylinder of the straw baler system, most of the seals are aging or falling or the connection is loose. At this time, you need to replace the seals and tighten the joint nut to solve the outer cylinder of the baler. Leakage phenomenon

4. The cylinder has no pressure during work. It is recommended that you check the seals. If the seals are aging or the seals are not tight, the fault will be caused. Replace the seals to solve them.

5. The oil in the baler tank is white emulsion liquid, which is caused by water in the oil. It is necessary to replace all the oil in the system;

6. Serious wear of the gear pump will cause the oil pump to burn after working for a period of time. The pressure excitation is insufficient and cannot work. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replace the new pump regularly.

Maintenance is more important than maintenance. It is recommended that you check and maintain regularly when using the straw baler to extend the life of the baler.

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