How the round baler works

2019-01-24 15:40:52 Weifang Binhai Group Work Win Co., Ltd.

  The round baler is suitable for all kinds of natural pastures, planting pastures and farmland. The bale baler can be used in the whole process of mechanization of straw harvesting of forage grass, wheat and other crops in combination with lawn mowers, mowers, round balers and transport vehicles.

  Round balers as the main tools for pasture and straw harvesting have been widely used abroad. With the adjustment of China's agricultural industrial structure, the increasing area of pasture planting in recent years and the comprehensive utilization of crop straw have placed an urgent need on forage and straw storage and storage equipment. The round baler is divided into two types: outer roll type and inner roll type. The outer roll type is tight and loose inside, which is good for rainproof and further ventilation and drying. Therefore, the outer-rolling round baler is highly favored. Overall structure: Round balers should be completed, fed, bundled, tied, unloaded, etc. according to their functions. The outer roll type round baler is mainly composed of a transmission system, a picker, a feeding mechanism, a bundled room, a rope binding mechanism, a hydraulic system and an unloading device.

  The working principle of the round baler: the power of the tractor is transmitted to the various working parts through the transmission system. During the field operation, as the machine moves and moves forward, the spring teeth of the picker pick up the ground grass and feed it. The mechanism is fed into the bundle chamber, and the material is rotated into a straw core under the action of the rotating roller. As the original material enters the baling chamber and rotates continuously, a round bale is formed. Continuously picking up, the material will be wrapped around the outer circumference of the round bale, forming a round bundle that is tightly fed inside.

  Round balers are very common in agricultural operations, and round balers are machines used to make large bales. According to the structure of the working part of the crimping chamber, the round baling machine can be divided into a long belt type, a roller type, a short belt type and a chain type; according to the different formation process of the bale winding, it can be divided into an inner roll type and an outer roll type. The long belt and the chain type are in-volume type, and the space of the coiling chamber is variable. The picker picks up the grass and is pressed into a flat grass layer by the feeder into the pre-rolling chamber. The two sets of belts act on the upper and lower sides. Under the grass, the grass begins to rotate and is rolled into a straw core. As the grass is continuously fed, the grass core rotates to form a bale.


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