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ZM-UV36B Laminating Machine


    Machine features:

    The laminating machine is suitable for all kinds of media (non-waterproof paper, waterproof paper, coated paper, laser film, etc.). The machine speed is adjustable. The media thickness is adjustable. The glossy suede button can be switched. With paper suction device. Machine The important internal parts are made of stainless steel. Strong stability. High cost performance. While improving the sharpness of the picture, it also greatly reduces the cost.


    This machine is widely used in digital imaging, wedding photo studios, color photocopying, laser printing, graphic output, digital printing, photo output and other industries.


    This machine is designed with a laminating roller for positioning and flexible setting of the laminating seat, which can automatically adapt to the thickness of the photo paper, and it can be automatically adjusted. It has a scraper and is convenient and quick to change the shaft.

    Machine parameters: