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ZM-SK24 Fully Automatic Shaft Changing Laminating Machine Coating Machine Texture Coating Machine


    Machine Features: 

    This machine can be widely used in all kinds of paper, such as laser printing, inkjet printing photos, bond paper, etc. It is now widely used in coating magazines, photo printing, portrait printing, book covers, pictures, calendars, cards, product samples, packaging , Carton, etc.

    The surface of the machine adopts high-quality aluminum alloy (anti-rust, anti-collision), and an automatic recovery system. This helps to recover the UV liquid so that there is no need to manually refill the UV liquid. This helps to improve work efficiency, save materials and reduce costs.
    This machine has four kinds of rollers. These can easily make the product into several patterns, and easily change the pattern to meet their needs, thereby helping to design various photos.
    The white imported rollers with imported silicone rubber can be made into clear and beautiful patterns. Silicone rubber has corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

    Machine Parameters: