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ZM-YC1450 Flip stacking machine


    Main Features:

    1. According to the size of the paper, it is convenient to adjust the rules of the paper dividing section to improve the adaptability of the machine.

    The paper separating section, pushing section and conveying section adopt frequency converter to adjust the speed, which is convenient for conveying various sizes of paper.

    The number of stacks and the number of stacks can be set through the man-machine interface, which is convenient and quick.

    Equipped with auxiliary paper delivery device to realize non-stop paper delivery and improve production efficiency.

    2. Good stability

    The key parts of the machine, such as wall panels and cams, are made of high-quality steel and made by machining centers.

    The high-speed running parts of the machine, such as shafts, rollers, etc., are all made of high-quality steel, and all have undergone quenching and tempering, qualitative, and dynamic balancing treatments to ensure the stability of the machine's long-term high-speed operation.

    Key components such as conveyor belts and chains are selected from well-known domestic brands, and bearings are selected from human brands.

    The electrical components are selected from famous products such as Omron, Schneider, Shihlin, etc. The geared motors are selected from Taiwan Shengbang brand.

    3. Safety and convenience

    Programmable controller PLC centralized control, cooperate with the man-machine interface, follow the prompts on the man-machine interface, touch the corresponding function key to make the corresponding settings.

    Sensors and safety devices are installed in many places to ensure the normal operation of the machine and personal safety. Various faults are dynamically monitored, which makes troubleshooting and operation very convenient.

    The geared motors are all selected famous products such as Shengbang.

    Main Specification: