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ZM-TMLII Faced molding machine of hollow Paper cup and bowl


    ZM-TMLII Faced molding machine of hollow Paper cup and bowl

    Machine feature:

    ZM-TM-LII Automatic Hollow Overcoat Molding Machine of  Paper Cup and Bowl is the supporting equipment of Automatic Molding Machine of Paper cup and bowl,whit the advanced technology and reasonablc design,it has the functions of automatic paper feeding, sealing ,spin coating,error warning,counting and so on.

    Overcoat Machine of Paper bowl has two froms of expr  ession:Diect packing overcoat machine and hollow overcoat machine .direct -packing overcoat machine means that the overcoat is directly attached outside of white paper bowl ,without the gap between the inner layer ,with the rolling bottom in the bottom of outside   layer,it is more heat-proof than the dirct-packing.  

    machine specifications: