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ZM-DL420 Hardcover book binding machine


    Machine introduce

    DL420 new shell machine is the production of good book block and book shell bonding together machine. Widely used in hardcover books, notebooks and other occasions need to cover. It has simple and convenient operation, fast change product specifications, stable and reliable action, book block on the two sides, the glue is an ideal machine, saying shell core and shell book book set perfect realization, very suitable for many varieties and small batch hardcover book, album production, simple operation, consistency, and high yield, both sides automatically sweep uniform coating line and sets, Easy to adjust the coating thickness and book thickness when sweeping lining.

    Machine features

    1. book block and book case set, uniform gluing, accurate positioning;

    2. mechanical adjustment, simple operation, convenient maintenance;

    3. Automatic, manual, inching, multiple working mode selection transformation;

    4. Bookblock conveying double guide rail operation, fast and accurate;

    5. automatic control of cots position;

    6. airtight glue tank, reduce consumable damage;

    7. multi-point linkage design, convenient operation, ensure safety;

    8. Machine base is equipped with high load bearing casters for easy adjustment of level, support and movement.

    Machine parameters

    Product Name

    Hardcover Book Glue Binding Machine Manufacture

    Max. Book Size


    Min. Book Size


    Book thickness


    Glue Roller Length


    Machine Voltage


    Working Speed

    750 Books/H

    Machine Weight