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ZM-HY32A Hardcover book binding machine


    Machine features

    This casing-in machine is combined book block gluing part and hard cover gluing part,apply the spine glue 

    and side glue on book blocks automatically, feeder system feed the hard covers automaticlly,send the glued hard covers to the work 

    platform, casing-in the book blocks and hard covers, and then form and press the spine of the hard cover books.

    It is suitable for produce hard cover albums, card book, children's books and etc.

    1.Adopt program control system, set different sizes of hard cover book by the touch color screen.

    2.Do not need to split the book blocks from the middle of the book blocks like other old casing-in

    machines, and avoids the scratching on the surface of the printed covers, thin hard cover books also can be casing-in accurately.

    3.Book blocks can use hot melt glue to apply the spine glue and side glue, finished books are sturdy and durable.

    4.Apply white glue on the hard covers, gauging the glue amount automatically, circulatory supply the white glue by pump.

    5.Drawing type glue storage box, photoelectric inspect the glue level.

    6.Feed table goes up and down automatically, feed materiel automatically by feed system.

    7.One single operator can accomplish combined operation of hard cover books binding, the efficiency

    will be higher if work with press and joint pressing machine.

    Machine parameters

    Max. book block length


    Max. book block thickness


    Cardboard thickness

    1.5 - 4mm

    Gluing width


    Max. paper pile height


    Power Supply


    Machine gas


    Machine weight


    Machine dimensions


    ※ Machine air source for selecting, equipment reserved Φ8mm trachea interface.

    ※ Reserve the right to change the parameters without prior notice.