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ZM-QZYK-1370 Hydraulic Computer Programmable Paper Cutting Machine


    Main Feature:
    1.The casting adopts advanced resin sand molding, with clear internal structure, and the numbering reaches the international standard HT250, which can effectively increase the friction life of the moving parts.
    2.The display adopts 7 inches imported from Taiwan.
    3.The main low-voltage control part of the whole machine adopts imported electrical appliances from South Korea's LG and Schneider.
    4.The hydraulic pressure is adjustable.
    5.The frame adopts the internationally popular split structure, which effectively improves the cutting accuracy of the machine and facilitates the maintenance work of the user.
    6.The chrome-plated working platform saves the user's maintenance time and prolongs its service life.
    7.The working platform is also equipped with a blowing structure, which is convenient for pushing and feeding paper.
    8.Equipped with highly reliable 6 groups of grating protection to ensure the personal safety of the operator.
    9.The hook-type tool-loading structure makes tool changing work simple and easy.
    10.High-precision, high-rigidity frame-type paper feeding mechanism, wiring double guide rail (TBI imported from Taiwan), ensure paper feeding accuracy and longer service life.
    11.Operating system size display: Metric/English system, Chinese/English dual language system.

    Main Specification: