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ZM-NCB500A Program - Controlled Automatic Gluing Machine


    Machine introduction:

    Adopting the new generation of intelligent digital control system and bus technology, the control system has high operation precision, high speed and high reliability, and convenient maintenance.

    Man-machine interaction interface, Chinese characters and images combined display 10-inch touch control color screen, milling back depth, bottom glue and side glue size, indentation position and depth, glue breaking position, circumference ridge can be easily set and adjusted, with operation record, data storage, work efficiency statistics and other functions.
    When the book block is put into the book holder, the thickness of the book block can be automatically detected, and the positioning adjustment of all stations can be completed in real time, without manual intervention. The operating area is equipped with external red detection safety device.
    A single simple operation can complete the entire book binding production, such as putting the book block into the table, automatic indentation on the cover, milling back grooving, upper and side glue, solid supporting molding, automatic collection of finished products, etc. It is an intelligent binding equipment suitable for multiple varieties, small batches and digital printing.
    ※ Optional smoke absorption and exhaust processing device.

    Machine specification:

    Max. binding size


    Min. binding size


    Max. binding thickness


    Max. cover size


    pile paper height


    Bind the inside pages

    Leaflet ~ 2 folds

    Cutting and milling mode

    Disc milling cutter + small milling cutter

    Milling cutter protection plate

    Self-regulating closing

    Glue way

    Base glue + side glue (glue head cross and end break glue) 

    Melt time

    about 35mins


    500 books/h

    Powe supply


    Machine weight


     Machine size


    Main features:

    (1) Control system
    A new generation of intelligent digital control system, through programmable logic technology to realize the hardware configuration software. The bus technology is adopted to improve the operation precision, speed and reliability of the system.
    (2) Touch the main control color screen
    Full Chinese man-machine interactive interface, 10-inch touch color screen combined with text and image intuitive display, complete the working mode and function Settings.
    Put the book block into the book holder, you can automatically check the book block thickness, real-time complete each process positioning adjustment. Different specification books can be quickly changed.
    (3) Automatic cover
    The paper is fed by upper suction belt, which will not cause scratch on the cover. The feeding table automatically rises and falls according to the height of pile paper. The height of pile paper is 70mm.
    (4) Milling device
    Milling back, slotting and paper brush in one, milling cutter protection plate opening width automatically adjusted. Back milling or not can be switched by the conversion handle.
    (5) Gluing system
    Variable speed operation mode, book head and book end automatic glue breaking precision, automatic setting control glue length and thickness. Side glue spacing 8mm(can be customized according to demand). The upper side of the glue tank is equipped with adsorption type automatic odor removal filter device.
    (6) cover indentation
    Cover indentation position and spine splint and positioning file gauge position according to the thickness of the book block automatic adjustment. Turn the book line from the book back indentation spacing 8mm(can be customized according to demand).
    (7) Dual-track motion assistance
    Two sets of linear guide rail control the book clamp movement, stable operation. Book holder integral casting aluminum mechanism.
    (8) Infrared safety device
    After placing the book block, the operator's hand can automatically run when leaving the detection area to ensure that the book block is placed in the correct position and save the stagnation time.
    (9) Automatic book receiving device
    Book bound books are automatically sent to the finished book collection device, and the books are placed