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ZM-WSD-520A World Cover Molding Machine


    Main Feature:
    1. This machine adopts cantilever structure, PLC computer programming, touch screen man-machine interface.
    2. The main motor adopts Taiwan Delta's dual-servo motors and dual-drive operation with small precision and error, dual safety systems, negative pressure safety bumpers and infrared safety systems.
    3. The four spindle positions are automatically moved by the computer to bid farewell to the cumbersome disassembly of screws. When adjusting the product size, it will automatically run in place as long as the product size is input. There is no need to replace the blade or the bubble board. The adjustment is simple to reduce the cost of consumables.
    4. The pressure bubble adopts double-section balanced pressure bubble, and the pressure bubble is neatly pressed and the spot is good and powerful.
    5. The whole box is shaped, edged, folded in, and bubbled in one time. It can also be shaped on the ears and shovel the bottom up and down. It has complete functions and is suitable for various box types.

    Main Specification: