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ZM-55A CNC Type Automatic Gluing Binding Machine


    Machine introduction:

    ◆ THE MAN-machine interface is intuitive and clear and easy to use
    ◆ PID temperature control and fuzzy temperature control are accurate
    ◆ Technology parameters keyboard setting intuitive control
    Work management operation record efficiency statistics
    Using industrial mass production OF PLC technology and international brand components, man-machine interface, simple and easy to use, through the display button can complete the temperature setting, cover thickness adjustment, binding volume number and other parameters set, simple and clear.
    One operation can be completed from for core, milling back, cross cutting, gluing, for cover, the plate, the compressed by spine hot melt adhesive, such as order process, can be used for wireless this with gum, and can be used to book after locking wire core package cover, and the spray coated paper, color paper thick cover and inside pages and special paper with gate-folding text have very good binding effect.
    Machine specification:

    Max binding size


    Binding thickness


    Milling way

    12 tooth disc milling cutter + small milling cutter

    Melt time

    about 30 mins

    Machine power supply


    • Dimensions


    Min binding size


    Bind the inside pages

    single sheet~2 fold pages

    Milling cutter protection plate

    • automatic closing

    • Machine speed

    300 books/h

    • Machine weight


    Main feature:
    Adopt international advanced and reliable PLC module control system, higher reliability.
    ◆ Fuzzy PID temperature control design makes the temperature setting more accurate.
    ◆ Using The German technology of motor, superior performance, operation positioning accuracy is higher, stable, durable.
    The CNC text display screen can adjust and set the system parameters and observe the working state in real time. Friendly, clear interface, simple operation, and management function.
    ◆ Spine pressure, clamping time, temperature setting and other common process parameters can be adjusted through the text display.
    ◆ High efficiency odor adsorption purification device, pollution prevention and control, health protection.
    The circuit adopts modular structure, reasonable layout, convenient detection, and can realize remote maintenance. Fuselage rear independent electronic control design.
    The glue tank adopts special coating treatment to improve the fluidity of the melt adhesive and reduce the aging of the hot melt adhesive layer. Adjustable knob control device for glue volume.
    According to special requirements in the NUMERICAL control system to add sales company information, machine model and other information.
    ◆ Support English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and other languages and graphics display.
    ◆ High precision linear hard slide rail and special guide chain to ensure smooth operation and durability.
    ◆ Alloy small milling cutter and disc large milling cutter professional ratio design, make the binding more firm.Large format design, ensure a true sense of A3 long side of the finished size binding requirements.