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ZM-JN-YW320J Automatic Label Roll to Roll Paper Embossing Machine


    Machine Introduction:

    This machine is an automatic roller embossing machine which widely used in the embossing of paper, invitation letter, invitation cards, name cards, envelopes, poster & etc., enhancing the feeling of third dimension and sense of beauty, it is ideal equipment for copy and print shops, advertisement agencies and etc.

    Machine Features:

    1.User-friendly touch screen for easy set up and control of the machine.

    2. This machine applies to the embossing for rolled papers, PET film & wallpapers, enhancing the sense of beauty and decorative effects, upgrade the products greatly.

    3. The machine adopts computer control and human-computer interface, easily see the working status of the machine from the automatic systems; paper tension and machine running speed can be adjustable as per the size of the rolled papers, if you want to change different rolled papers, only set up different parameters OK, intelligent control is more convenient.

    4. The key parts of the machine are from Siemens original accessories, can ensue accurate positioning and security.

    5. The deviation rectifying monitor and the big size planishing roller can well avoid the wrinkles.

    6. The tension system adopts pneumatic clutch, quick and safety.

    Machine Specification:

    Max. width320mm
    Paper depth0.15-0.5mm
    Max. diameter for rolled paper500mm
    Max. diameter for collected rolled paper500mm
    Roll core diameter75mm