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G-038 toilet paper rewinding machine


    G-038 Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

    Machine Introduce
    Automatic kitchen towel paper and toilet paper rewinding machine can choose double-sided embossing, glue compound, compared with single-side embossing can make the paper softer, the double-sided effect of finished products is consistent, and each layer of paper does not spread out when using, especially suitable for processing roll packed kitchen toilet paper, and do the same size of finished products weight reduction of 15% or more.

    Machine Feature
    1.The product has automatic paper tube replacement device, without artificial wear paper tube, automatic trimming, spray adhesive and sealing a complete synchronization, the finished product in the process of rewinding, implementation and after first stage different firmness, attach paper cut, torn edges automatic monitoring alarm system, embossing using point-to-point double embossing system, soft, clear pattern.
    2.The machine is equipped with processing centerless, solid, roll paper tube toilet paper, instant can complete the switch between products, can also be selected according to user needs.
    3.Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing, pulling shaft instant synchronous completion, so that the roll into the band saw cutting and packaging without paper loss, thus greatly improve the production efficiency and the grade of finished products,finished products with paper tail, easy to use.
    4.Pneumatic belt feeding, rewinding and each axis of the base paper has an independent force adjustment mechanism.
    5.The machine adopts international new PLC computer programming technology (system can be upgraded), frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic electronic brake. The touch-controlled man-machine interface operating system adopts coreless rewinding forming system. Using PLC program air column molding technology, realize the characteristics of fast winding speed, beautiful molding.

    Machine Parameter
     Machine Model
     Paper Width
     Finished Diameter
     φ50~1800mm,Adjustable Width
     Finish Paper Core
     Base Diameter
     1100mm Standard(Other size are available)
     Jumbo Roll Core Diameter
    76mm Standard(Other size are available)
     Process Capability
     0~180M / Minute
     Parameter Setting
     PLC computer operating system interface
     Back Stand
     Standard three layersynchronous transmission
     Perforation Pitch
    Blade 2, 150 ~ 300 mm
    Pneumatic System
     The 3 horse air compressor,a minimum pressure of 5kg/cm2Pa