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KS-650A Automatic double-sided tape applicator machine


    KS-650A Automatic double-sided tape applicator machine

    Machine Introduce
    The automatic double-sided tape applicator machine can meet the needs of customers with complex varieties and a small amount .lt has thecharacteristics of flexible order changing, strong stability, easy operation, low production cost, etc. The machine has its own automatic paper feeder to improve the production efficiency, and the pull gauge correction device also ensures the left and right accuracy of the product. The glue host adopts an extended platform, and the double-sided glue control system can make the machine glue accurately and reliably.

    Machine Parameter
    200-4550gsm cardboard paper and E corrugated
    Open blank
    min.140 mm x 100 mm   max.650 mm x 650 mm
    Working width
    650 mm
    Conveyor speed
    Sticking style
    Longitudinal stickers
    3.2 KW

    Machine Feature
    1.Used for applying the double sided tape ,sealing tape and PVC tape on the envelope ,A4 paper ,carton box ,PVC material ,decoration material and so on .
    2.It is widely used in building materials, packaging, printing and many other industries.
    3.Instead of manual operation,and saving the labor force.
    4.It’s light and flexible, convenient to move, PLC programming, touching screen, operation simple.
    5.Special system makes the feeding belt be adjusted individually and easily. Independent vibration motorsystem enhances the feeding quality. Feeding knife and flap on left and right can be adjusted up and downas one set which can shorten the changing time.
    6.This part just follows the folding machine technical with new calibration part. Keep one box side as the base and ensure the products in the same line when running.
    7.The screen can show all the information. This can make the parameter setting and operating more easily and conveniently. Position tracking uses optical fiber technology which makes it more precise and function stable.