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ZM-CDF30 Can sealing machine


    Main feature:


    1. The whole machine servo control, make the equipment run more safe, stable and intelligent. Rotary speed can be independently adjusted; When there is a card tank, the turntable will automatically stop. When there is a foreign body stuck to the turntable, the turntable will automatically stop running, to prevent the equipment damage and safety accidents caused by human error operation of the equipment. After a key reset, the fault can be removed and run again.

    2. The sealing of two winding wheels can be completed at the same time to ensure a high degree of sealing.

    3. The tank body does not rotate during the sealing process, which is more safe, especially suitable for fragile and liquid.

    4. The sealing speed is fixed at 33 cans/min to improve production efficiency and save labor cost.

    5. Suitable for tin can, aluminum can, plastic can and paper can packaging products, is the food, beverage, Chinese medicine, chemical industry and other industries of the ideal packaging equipment.


    Machine specification:

    Canned seal number1
    Seal round number4
    Closing speed33cans/min
    Can sealing height25-220mm
    Can sealing diameter35-130mm
    Working temperature0-45℃
    Power supplySingle-phase AC220V 50/60Hz