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Zhengzhou Zomagtc Allraise Company Ltd.,

Zhengzhou Zomagtc Allraise Company Ltd., established in 20 09, located in the capital city, Zhengzhou of Henan. It takes only 20-minute to drive from the high-speed rail station and an hour's from the airport to our company. A professional supplier engaged in the research, development, selling of paper processing machine and paper product making machine, such as paper making machine, paper printing machine, and post press equipment like cutting, folding, creasing, embossing, binding machine. There are 32 employees in our office, including 4 engineering and technical personnel with bachelor degree or above. The company has strong technical force, and a management system. Dedicating to strict quality.......



  • Brand advantage

    The company USES the independent research and development at the same time, long-term cooperation with the multinational clients, application......
  • Product advantage

    We are a professional engaged in paper machine, printing machine and other paper processing machinery and papermaking machinery research......
  • Quality management

    Professional technical, professional products, professional services, the introduction of high-quality talent team, efficient operation management and more high-quality service!
  • Professional advantage

    We are committed to the strict quality control, considerate and fast service, has experienced professionals at any time to provide you with professional product solutions
  • Personalized service

    We can also according to customer's structure or customer opinions on use and production, design, drawing and development of the whole production line
  • After-sales service

    One-on-one service team, responsibility to the people, to provide customers with timely, efficient, convenient service. Solve your worries!

Zhengzhou Zomagtc Company Ltd.,

Company by the high quality service, excellent product quality, strict quality assurance system, cooperate with the masses of customers wholeheartedly, create beautiful homes, create a better future。